Kitchen Table Dalkey Castle Ireland Taken 7.3.16 By FF

Ireland: Goat Castle, the Irish Maritime Museum, and an evening sail around Dalkey Island

July 3rd, 2016 It’s 11:15 am on a lazy Sunday morning as my DART train rattles up the Dublin Coast to Dalkey. Yesterday’s sunshine has disappeared, but the grey skies aren’t raining, and that’s good enough for me. My only plan for today is to visit the Dalkey Castle & Heritage Center, and the farmer’s market in Dun Laoghaire. Dalkey …

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Cliff Walk 1 Ireland Taken 7.2.16 By FF

Ireland: A Cliff Walk Along the Irish Sea

July 2, 2016 It’s just after 2:00 pm and I am walking along the seaside esplanade in Bray. To my right are hotels and restaurants, like this one: To my left is a thigh-high wall separating the esplanade from the ocean. The beach here is covered in small stones, but that doesn’t stop families, children, and couples from running or …

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Powerscourt House Back Side Ireland Taken 7.2.16 By FF

Ireland: A Morning at Powerscourt Estate

July 2, 2016 It’s 10:00 am at Powerscourt Estate, and the excitement that has been humming through my body since yesterday afternoon is a low vibration in my fingers. It’s a combination of optimism and sense of “anything can happen,” and even after two years of traveling, I love feeling this way when I start a new adventure. And so …

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Featured Image A Stroll Through The Irish Countryside 7.20.16

A Stroll Through the Irish Countryside

June 23, 2106: Belturbet, Ireland It’s the one-week anniversary of my arrival in Belturbet, and I decide to take a break from exploring Turbet Island to explore the countryside instead. It’s been sunny all afternoon, but it clouds over as I follow the road north into the countryside. Just out of town, I decide to follow the road signs to …

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Featured Image Ireland A Rocky Arrival Exploring Belturbet 7.13.16

Ireland: A Rocky Arrival & Exploring Belturbet

June 16 – July 1, 2016: Belturbet, Ireland After the wonders of the Galapagos and the weirdly liminal stopover in Boston, I am expecting Ireland to feel familiar. After all, I flew into this airport, on this airline, just two years ago – there’s an odd sense of coming full circle. Instead, Ireland hits my body with a shock. It …

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Featured Image A Liminal Stopover In Boston 7.5.16

A Liminal Stopover in Boston

June 13 – 15, 2016 After a long layover in Quito and a delayed flight into Houston, I’m now sitting in first class on my flight to Boston. I no longer know what time it is, or which time zone I’m in. All that exists is the supremely comfy first class seat and a very solicitous flight attendant who serves …

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Featured Image Galapagos Leaving On Jet Plane 6.30.16

Galapagos Islands: Leaving on a Jet Plane

June 12, 2016 Wind off the Itabaca Channel whips hair into my eyes. Digging through my bags, I find my bandana and tie it on. It’s just after 1:00 pm and I’m back on the island of Baltra, waiting for a bus to arrive to take me and three other people to the airport. It’s a busy day down at …

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Featured Image Galapagos Penguins Flamingos Isla Isabela 6.27.16

Galapagos Islands: Penguins & Flamingos at Isla Isabela

June 10, 2016 This is it! It’s an hour past dawn, and my friend and I are boarding a taxi to our ferry to Isla Isabela. From all that we’ve heard, Isla Isabela is what most people think of when they think of the Galapagos: very small town, unspoiled beaches, lots of wildlife. Our taxi drops two people off at …

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Featured Images Galapagos Short Misadventure 6.23.16

Galapagos Islands: A Short Misadventure

June 9, 2016 It’s just before 5 pm on a Thursday afternoon, and my friend and I are striding along the path towards Las Grietas. Behind us is the ferry dock; ahead of us is a sandy path that will eventually turn rocky. For the first time in a year, I am wearing my swim suit. The last time I …

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Featured Image Galapagos Laguna De Las Ninfas 6.20.16

Galapagos Islands: Exploring Laguna de las Ninfas

June 8, 2016 It’s been a long 2 days of struggling with very slow internet at our house. The upgraded connection our host promised isn’t what we expected, and it’s taking both of us much longer to work on projects than it normally would. I’ve had to reschedule both client calls this week, and while Maureen’s been able to get …

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