Exploring Bangor The Wales Coastal Trail May 2014

Exploring Bangor: the Wales Coastal Trail

In yesterday’s post, I took you along on my first exploratory foray into Bangor. The next day, Friday May 2nd, I decided to explore further afield, and see if I could make it down to the suspension bridge that crosses the Menai Strait and connects the Isle of Anglesey to the mainland. Now of course, I could just retrace my …

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Exploring Bangor Hiking In My Own Back Yard May 2014

Exploring Bangor: Hiking in My Own Back Yard

For those of you following along on this grand adventure, you will recollect that we left off with my having landed safely in Bangor, gotten a bit used to the lay of the land, and settled into a routine of breakfast, followed by errands, followed by client work. On Thursday and Friday, I was able to take some time off …

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Of Clients Internet And English Breakfasts April 2014

Of Clients, Internet, and English Breakfasts

One thing you should know about me, if you don’t already, is that I’m big on routines. Now, that might sound silly coming from someone who just put her stuff in a storage locker and headed out on the road. But it’s true, nonetheless. I like having a pattern to my days, a rhythm, so I know what to expect …

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Arrival On The Ground In Dublin Ireland And Bangor Wales April 2014

Arrival! On the Ground in Dublin, Ireland and Bangor, Wales

When you last left your intrepid hero (me), I was in Boston, on my way to the airport and thence to Dublin and Wales. I will say this for the Boston airport: their international terminal is one of the worst I’ve ever been in. I love to walk around before long flights, so I don’t get so jittery. But it …

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Of Boston Boyfriends And Emergency Rooms April 2014

Of Boston, Boyfriends, and Emergency Rooms

The moment I stepped off the MAX at the Portland airport, I finally began to feel the excitement of my new lifestyle. Everything that could be done before I left had been done. All that remained now was for me to get on a plane and head to Boston. For those of you not in the know, a bit of …

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On Leaving Home April 2014

On Leaving Home

If the last three weeks have taught me anything, it’s that I shouldn’t commit to posting on a new blog every week while in the midst of several life changes! So I hope you will forgive the fact that this post is three weeks late, and bear with me as I get caught up over the next few days. 🙂 …

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Project Nomed A Crazy Idea

Project Nomad: A Crazy Idea

As I sit here in my Spokane hotel room, it seems impossible that a mere 4 weeks have passed since I decided to let go of my Beaverton apartment and take to the road for the next 9 months. I distinctly remember the moment I first thought about it. It was late on a Thursday night, and I had been …

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